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How to edit

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Instructions for editing

  • First things first: click 'edit' in the toolbar at the top of your chosen page, or if it's a new page - click 'create'.
  • The formatting bar that appears at the top of the edit page can be used or alternatively you can use wiki mark up text as outlined below.

Creating a new page

  • Search for the mountain or range by typing the name in the search box. If it is not already in the wiki you can create it.
  • Click on either 'create' in the toolbar or 'create this page' or on the link provided in the instruction line to open the page up for editing.
  • We have templates available for mountains and ranges depending on what you are adding to the wiki. To bring up the templates type in either:



and save the page. The page is now ready for editing.

Editing a page

  • Click on 'edit' in the toolbar at the top of your chosen page.
  • You can now simply add text to the page. Please try to add info to the right spot on the page using the template as a rough guide - but feel free to add anything you think is relevant under new headings. New headings can be added by typing the following into a new line:
==='''type your heading here'''=== 

Typing a series of hyphens like this ------ on the next line underlines your heading.

  • Please refer to the cheatsheet below for things such as bold, italic, links and *bullet points


Uploading images

  • You will need to have the image available to upload.
  • Save the page you are editing.
  • Click on 'more' on the toolbar.
  • Click on 'Upload file'.
  • Click on 'Choose file' and select your photo.
  • If you are using an image that is not your own please state where the image is from in the Summary box.
  • Click 'Upload file'. This will create a seperate page for the image under the name of the file in the wiki. You will now need to import it to the right page on the wiki.
  • On the page where you wish the photo to be displayed type
[[image:file.jpg]] with the name of the file replacing 'file'. 

  • To add an image with caption use instead
  • To align an image right with a caption use

  • Please refer to this page for more options on images [1]

location maps

To save a jpeg from Google maps do the following:

  1. Navigate to desired location on Google maps
  1. Open 'snipping tool' in windows (you can find this in windows programs)
  1. Make sure mode is set to 'rectangular mode'
  1. Drag the cursor around the area you want to capture, then save as JPEG.
  1. You can then upload the image as normal (see above).


  • For more help with editing please refer to the help page on the sidebar